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Special Features:-
~Type: Haustern Expandable Height Stainless Steel Rain Shower Set  
~Material :Stainless Steel SUS 304
~Finishing: Matte
~360° adjustable
~Expandable Height 992mm-1357mm
~5 Function Hand Shower 


Special Features:-

  • Brand: Alcor System
  • Type: Racks 
  • Smooth Closing
  • Dimension: 480D X 350W X 1500H (mm)

Special Features:-
~Type: 3 Compartment Stainless Steel 45L Dustbin 
~Dimension:60.4cm (L) x 35.2cm (W) x 48.1cm (H). 
~Material :Stainless steel
~Finishing :Satin nickel
~45 litres capacity
~Weight: 6.17kg


Special Features:- 
~Type: Flexible Hose Pillar Sink Tap 
~Dimension: 4.6cm (L) x 29.5cm (W) x 55cm (H) . 
~Material: Brass
~Finishing: Chrome 


SHPI is the leading manufacturer of Professional Air Hose Reel in Taiwan


Armor Heavy Duty Elegance Stainless Steel Matt Black Concealed Lever Handle Set For Wood Door Entrance

Brand: Armor
Lever Handle Complete Set
Included SIngle Key Cylinder
Included Mortise Lock
Matt Black Colour Set
Durable Material


Special Features:-

  • Stylish and Modern design for bathroom 
  • Perfect storage for toiletries, towel and etc

Brand: Bosch 
Part Number: 0601849106
Technical Data:-
-Rated power input: 2000 W
-No load speed: 8500 rpm
-Grinding spindle thread: M 14
-Main handle: Shaft
-Disc diameter: 180 mm
-Weight without cable: 5.0 kg 
Warranty 1 year is covered by Bosch Malaysia


Special Features:- 
~Motor power: 1.300 W
~Max. pressure: 110 bar
~Max. flow rate: 330 l/h
~Inlet water temperature: 40 °C
~Detergent system: High pressure foam
~Motor type: Series
~Pump type: 3-cylinder, metal
~Pump material: all metal
~Cable length: 5m
~Hose length: 3m (PVC)
~Weight (without accessories): 5kg 
~Dimensions: (L) 15.5cm (W) 38cm (H) 29cm 
~Nozzles: Variable fan jet nozzle,Rotary nozzle,High pressure foam nozzle


Brand: Bosch
Part number: 06019E51L0
Rated Power Input: 1100 watts
Weight Without Cable: 6.0 kg
Container Volume, Gross: 15 Liters
Container Volume, Net: 10 Liters
Container Volume, Net, Water:    8 Liters
Number of Wheels:    4
Maximum Air Flow:    53 Liters / second
Maximum Ventilating Pressure:    270 mbar
Power Source: AC Supply 230~240V
Warranty 1 Years is covered by Bosch Malaysia


Technical Data:
Rated power input: 1300 W
No-load speed: 12000 rpm
Weight without cable: 2.8 kg
Saw blade bore: 20,0 mm
Saw blade diameter: 110 mm
Cutting depth (90°): 34 mm
Cutting depth (45°): 22 mm 


Brand: Bosch
Part Number: 0601B373L0
Rated power input: 2,200 W
Cutting capacity at rectangle 0º: 100 x 196 mm
Cutting capacity at square 0º: 119 x 119 mm
Cutting capacity at L-profile 0º: 130 x 130 mm
Cutting capacity at rectangle 45º mitre: 107 x 115 mm
Cutting capacity at square 45º mitre: 110 x 110 mm
Cutting capacity at L-profile 45º mitre: 115 x 115 mm
Tool dimensions (width x length x height): 256 x 520 x 400 mm
No-load speed: 3,800 rpm
Cutting disc diameter: 355 mm
Cutting disc bore: 25.4 mm
Weight without cable: 15.0 kg (without cables and accessories) 
Warranty 6 Month is covered by Bosch Malaysia

  • Battery Voltage: 12V /2.0Ah
  • No-load Speed : 0 - 1,200 / 2,600 rpm
  • Impact Rate: 0 - 2,700 / 3,100 bpm
  • Max. Torque: 110 Nm
  • Charger: GAL 1230
  • Charging Time: 45 Minute
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Torque settings: 2
  • Warranty 1 Year is covered by Bosch Malaysia

Brand: BOSCH
Code: 06019G61L0
Works with battery capacity    3 Ah
Torque adjustment range, min. /max.    – 250 Nm
No-load speed    0 - 2.400 rpm
Charging time    75 mins
Weight excl. battery    1.6 kg
Torque, max.    250 Nm
Rated impact rate    0 - 3300 bpm
Battery voltage    18 V
Bit holder    1/2" external square
Charge current    3 A
Warranty 6 Month is covered by Bosch Malaysia


Brand: BOSCH
Code: 0.601.9G5.2L0
Battery voltage* : 18V
Weight excl. battery : 1.1kg
Torque, max.*  180Nm
No-load speed 0-2,800 rpm
Impact rate 0-3,600 bpm
Warranty 6 Month is covered by Bosch Malaysia


Brand: Bosch 
Part No: 0 601 387 5L0
Sanding plate diameter: 125 mm
No-load speed: 7,500 - 12,000 rpm
Orbital stroke rate: 15,000 - 24,000 opm
Eccentricity: 1.25 mm
Sanding sheet / disc attachment: Velcro-type fastening
Rated power input: 250 W
Weight without cable: 1.3 kg
Oscillating circuit diameter: 2.5 mm
Vibration emission value ah: 5 m/s²
Uncertainty K: 1.5 m/s²
Warranty 1 Years is covered by Bosch Malaysia


Brand: BOSCH
Part number: 06012A62L0
Rated Power Input      2000 W
Weight without Cable      0.65 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
245mm x 86mm x 201mm
Work Temperature    50 - 630°C
Air Flow 150-500L/min
Control of Airflow    3 stage
 Continuously variable temperature control + Cold stage, 50°C -
Warranty 6 month is covered by Bosch Malaysia​


Technical Data : 
Power input :  710 W
Output power : 400 W
No-load speed : 16500 rpm
Planing depth : 0 - 10 mm
Rebating depth : 0 - 9 mm
Max . planing width : 82 mm
Weight : 2.5 Kg


Brand: Bosch
Part Number: 06016760L0
Technical data:
Specification overview
Rated power input    1,400 W
No-load speed    6000 rpm
Weight    3.6 kg
Saw blade bore diameter    20 mm
Saw blade diameter    184 mm
Cutting depth    
Cutting depth (90°)    65 mm
Cutting depth (45°)    47 mm
Warranty 6 months is covered by Bosch Malaysia


Brand: Bosch 
Part No: 0601063M80
Weight: 1.25kg
Laser Diode: 635-650nm
Colour of Laser Line: Red
Operating Time (Max): 24h
Power Supply: 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)
Warranty 1 Year is covered by Bosch Malaysia