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Stainless Steel SUS304 Adjustable Kitchen Sink Basket

Adjustable Kitchen Basket
24cm (Min) ~ 38cm (Max) Adjustable Basket
Stainless Steel SUS304


Cistern Tank Coupling Steel Plate Set For Toilet Cistern Tank Tie With Toilet Bowl In Bathroom Accessories

Coupling Size To Choose:-

Couple Plate Set Consists Of Coupling Plate 40mm/ 50mm, Foam Gasket and Cistern Screw.


Special Feature:-
Steel Coupling Plate Is To Postion Outlet Valve Between Cistern And Toilet Bowl
Plastic Cistern Screw Is To Screw Tight Between Cistern Tank And Toilet Bowl
Rubber Span Foam Gasket Position Is To Comfort Outlet Valve To Toilet Bowl Centre Hole
All These Three Element Are Essential To Prevent Water Leaking From Cistern

Item Included:-
Foam Gasket (Black Rubber Span)
Steel Couplinig Plate 40mm/50mm 
Plastic Cistern Screw (x2)


Replacement Brass Faucet Valve Cartridge For Kitchen/Bathroom Waterbibtap/ bibtap

Product Name: Faucet Valve Catridge.
Product Type: Catridge.
Material: Ceramics & Brass.
Color: Copper.
20 Teeth On Spline.
Ceramic Disc Cartridge.
Easy To Install.
Durable Usage.
Available Sizes: 49mm x 17mm & 50.5mm x 18mm.


Washing Machine Inlet Washing Machine Hose Lock In Type For Toilet Bathroom Accessories

Product Name: Inlet Hose.
Product Type: Hose.
Material: PVC.
Color: White.
Easy To Install.
Inlet Hose Of Washing Machine (Fully Automatic).


Toilet PVC Cistern Wall Hang WC Bracket For Toilet Flush Bathroom Cistern And Toilet Bathroom Accessories 

Type: Toilet Cistern Accessories
Color: Black
1 Pair Of PVC Cistern Bracket
Compact Design
Easy To Install


Sulphur Powder 1kg For Snake, Insect, Fungicide And Pesticide For Plants And Garden 

Sulfur is One Of the World's Oldest Remedies For Gardens And Human Ailments. It Occurs Naturally As A Pure Element In Form Of A Yellow Powder And As Crystals. Sulfur Is A Product Of Volcanic Emissions And Ancient Societies Mined Sulfur Around volcanoes.

In Modern Times, Most Sulfur Production Is A By-Product Of Crude Oil And Gas Processing. Sulfur Readily Forms Compounds Such As Pyrite (Iron Sulfide) and Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate). It Is An Essential Element, As All Living Cells Contain Sulfur.


1.8M AC Cord Connector Electric Power Cable With Fuse For Rice Cooker, Kettle, TV and Computer

Wire Length of 1.8M
Specification Of 220V
Connector Type: C15
High Quality AC Cord
Sirim Certified


2pcs Adjustable Chair Screw M6, M8, M10 For Home Chair Table Sofa Furniture

Product Name: Chair Screw.
Product Type: Screw On.
Material: Steel.
Color: Black
Sizes Available: M6 x 26mm, M8 x 28mm, M10 x 31mm.
Easy To Install.


Special Features:-
Furniture Hardware: Chair Leg Pads.
Furniture Parts: Floor Protectors
Furniture Glide Pad: Office Chair Accessories.
Replacement Hardware: Furniture Leveling Feet.
Plastic Round Base Design Will Do Not Harm And Scratches To Your Floors.
Easy To Install Of It And Adjustable Height As Your Require.
Used On Conference Room Tables, Heavier Desks, Restaurant Furniture And Point Of Purchase Display Racks.
For Office Or Household Light Duty Furniture With Threaded Sockets.
Environmentally Friendly And Wear-Resistant Material, Working Smoothly And Silently With Unique Design.
Safe And Stable On Every Floor Type.
100% Brand New And High Quality.


Self-adhesive Reddipile Brush Seal on Wardrobe, Sliding Door and Window 1 Meter 

Adhesive type of Brush Seal With Brush On Top. 
Self Adhesive Acrylic Backing.

For Furniture, Wardrobe, Sliding Door, Sliding Window and etc
Preventing Dust Collection Between Sliding Doors or Windows.
Reduce The Noise From Outside And The Sliding Door Slamming, Give You A Quiet And Comfortable Living Environment.
Resist Rain And Cold Wind, Giving You A Clean And Warmer Evironment.
Usage Such As Sliding Windows - Sash Windows - Sliding Doors - Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors.
Many Other Applications.


Toilet Bathroom Cistern Tank Close Couple Screw For Toilet Flush In Bathroom Accessories Prevent Leak

Cistern Tank  Screw
Suitable For All Type Of Cistern Tank 
Contain Rubber With Cistern Screw Tank.

Special Features:-
Function As To Tightened Cistern Tank  with Toilet Bowl In Toilet Flush
Prevent Cistern From Being Drop Off By From Toilet Bowl.
Standard Size Of Close Couple Screw To Tightened Cistern 
Rubber With Cistern Screw Can Prevent Water Leaking FOr Bathroom Toilet Accesories.


Colex Upper Leather Safety Shoe Boots For Construction , Factory 

Good Quality and Brand New Safety Shoe.
Safer Choice Yet Affordable
Modern Type Casual Style Safety Shoe.


Super Heavy Duty Solid Steel Hasp & Foldable Staple Door Latch Hinges For Furniture And Cupboard Cabinet 

Colour: Matt Silver
Material: Steel
Use For Long Time Span


Made of Premium And Thick Harderned Steel.
Ensure Durability, Foldable and Dependability Work Perfectly on Both Side of Target.
Easy to Install, The Opening on the Hasp Will |Allow for a Padlock With a Large Diameter.
Designed for Doors Closing, Provide Additional Security.
Perfect for using on doors, gates and cabinets, etc.


Durable Schneider Electric Affle Plus 13A Twin Gang Switch Socket For Home Electrical


13A Twin Gang Switched Socket
Color: White
Dimension: 146mm x 86mm
Surface Finish:Glossy
Voltage: 250V
Current: 13 A
Provide 2 Screws


3 Way Drawer Lock Cabinet Cam Lock For Furniture Cupboard

Product Name: 3 Ways Drawer Lock.
Product Type: Drawer Lock.
Made Of Quality Material.
Zinc Alloy And Chrome Finished.
Color: Silver.
Classic And Durable.
Mute Design.
Comes With 2 Keys.
Easy To Use.


lexible Hose For Shower / Bidet Bathroom Accesories

Material : PVC
High Quality, Durable, Easy to Install
Flexible braided hose with 1.2m & 1.5m

Special Features:-
Suitable For Basin and All Kind of Tap
Suitable For Bidet /Shower Hose Flexible Hose.
Household Application
Stronger and More Reliable
Ideal for Easy Connections
Ends With Rubber Seals Can Be Used On Hot or Cold Water


Cam Lock Desk Drawer Office Study Cabinet Table Task Laici Furniture 

Product Name: Drawer Cam Lock.
Product Type: Cam Lock.
Material: Zinc Alloy.
Color: Silver.
Rotation Angle: 90 Degrees.
Comes With 2 Keys.
Small And Safe.
Mute Design.


Armor Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cylindrical Door Handle Lock Door Lock Entrance 

Brand: Armor
200,000 Cycle Test
Solid Brass Cylinder
Stainless Steel SUS 304
3 Keys Included
Door Thickness: 32mm ~ 47mm


High Quality Stainless Steel SS304 Solid Bidet Head For Bathroom Toilet Accessories

High Quality Bidet
Made Out Of Stainless Steel

Special Features:-
Solid and Rigid stainless Steel
Good Quality Stainless Steel Quality for Bidet.
Bidet is Made in malaysia , from KHE company.
KHE company (Keep Home Excellent ) become first company developed double tube Tap since year 2003.
KHE Products has been sold to most country from ASIA


Toilet Bathroom Quality PVC Bidet Spray With Flexible Hose Set  For Toilet Spray Bathroom Accessories 

Water Tec Brand Hand Spray Bidet Set.
Materials: PVC.
Standard Size.
Color: White.
Contain Flexible Hose, Bidet Head And Holder.
Bidet Head Plastic Material.

Holder Size: 0.9 Inch (23mm) / 0.75 Inch (19mm)