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Easy to install

Fit Most Of The Kitchen Sink With Similar Size


Easy To Install: No Need Plumbers, Installed Easily Without Any Tools.


Aluminum Foil Tape For Kitchen Suction Hose , Waterproofing And Multiple Household Use

Aluminum Foil Tape
Multi Purpose Tape
Can Sustain High Temperature Heat
Waterproof Tape


2pcs 3/4Inch Rubber Washer Seal For Bib Tap Adaptor

2pcs Rubber Seal
Size: 3/4Inch (24mm Accurate Dimension)
Thickness: 2mm
High Quality Rubber

Special Features:-
Replacement Rubber Washer Seal Inside A Bib Tap Adaptor
Made Of High Quality Thick Rubber
Longer Lasting Hold From Leaking


 2pcs 5/8Inch Stainless Steel SS304 Butterfly Hose Clip For Garden Water Hose Paip

Brand: TULIP
2pcs Hose Clip
Size: 5/8"
Stainless Steel
Butterfly Screw Handle Type


2pcs Bright Red Color E14 LED Bulb For Home Electrical Usage

2pcs Red LED Colour
Replacement Bulb
0.5W Energy Saving Type Bulb
E12 Size


2pcs Kitchen Sink Steel Bracket For Kitchen Sink Bowl Holder Bracket

2pcs Bracket
For Kitchen Sink Bowl
19cm Minimum x 36mm Maximum Opening


3 GANG International Universal Adaptor Plug Socket For Multipurpose Socket Plug

Universal International Travel AC Adapter With Mini Design For Easy Storage and Perfect For Traveling

Universal Adaptor for High Quality Multi Function Adaptor.
Suitable for All China and Other Country Appliances.


3 In 1 Silicone & Trowel Scraper For Bathroom Kitchen Silcon Sealing

Product Name: Silicone & Trowel Scraper.
Product Type: Scraper.
Material: Plastic. 
Color: Black & White.
5 Silicone Pads: 3R, 6R, 10R, 13R, 17R Create Variable Round Shapes.
Multi Function Design.
Silicone Trowel.
Silicone Remover.
Corner Cleaning Tip.
Surface Cleaning Blade.
Soft Trowel Pad.
With 5 Sizes Radius Exchangeable Pads.
Extra Use For Silicone Nozzle & Outlet Cutter.



3 Way Universal International Adaptor With 2 USB Port on Top.
Solid And Quality Products
Elegant , Convenient , Nice Design Adaptor.


Special Features:

~Non Toxic With Low Acid Contents As Well As Safe In Terms Of Health Bright Colours.
~Moisture-Proof, Outstanding Resistance Against Oil, Solvent And Water.
~High Strength And Good Flexibility Provide Excellent Manipulating Power.
~Bright Color Help To Strengthen The Visual Result And Code Of Safety Warning.
~Specially For Traffic Alert, Road Guide, Traffic Control, Aisle Marking To Increase Danger Awareness.


Special Features:-

  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Type: Storage Holders & Racks 
  • Easy clean, Easy to assemble

Special Features:- 

~Solid And Quality Stainless Steel 304 Material Of 3/4 Inch Size Fitting.
~Suitable For House Water PIpe Fitting 3/4 Inch Size
~Anti Corrosion And Anti Rusted Water Pipe Fitting.
~Consists Of Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting As Below:
a.Stainless Steel SS304 FF Union
b.Stainless Steel SS304 Socket
d.Stainless Steel SS304 Street Elbow
e.Stainless Steel SS304 Tee
g. Stainless Steel SS304 Nipple
h.Stainless Steel SS304 Plug 
I.Stainless Steel SS304 Cap 
j. Stainless Steel SS304 Elbow 
k. Stainless Steel SS304 Hose Nipple
l. Stainless Steel SS304 M/F Socket
~All Stainless Steel Water Pipe Fitting Are Suitable For Household Usage.


3/4Inch Female Inner Thread To 1/2Inch Male Outer Thread Connector Adapter

Thread Size: 3/4Inch Inner Thread To 1/2Inch Outer Thread
Brass Material
High Quality


Special Features:- 

~Solid And Quality Stainless Steel 304 Material Of 3/8 Inch Size Fitting.
~Suitable For House Water Pipe Fitting 3/8 Inch Size
~Anti Corrosion And Anti Rusted Water Pipe Fitting.
~Consists Of Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting As Below:
1.Stainless Steel SS304 Elbow
2.Stainless Steel SS304 Socket
3.Stainless Steel SS304 Street Elbow
4.Stainless Steel SS304 Tee
5. Stainless Steel SS304 Nipple
6.Stainless Steel SS304 Cap 
7. Stainless Steel SS304 Hose Nipple
8.Stainless Steel SS304Plug
~All Stainless Steel Water Pipe Fitting Are Suitable For Household Usage.


Material: Steel
Easy To Install
Easy To Use


3/8Inch Single Kitchen Faucet Water Filter Adapter

1 Way Diverter Valve 3/8Inch  With Switch Collar
To Connect Your Counter Top Water Purification System or Reverse Osmosis System With 3/8" Tubing Directly to Kitchen Faucet for Easy Use
This diverter Valve is Designed For Reverse Osmosis, Water Purifiers 3/8Inch Tube
Depending on The System Tubing Connection Method, Purified Water Will Exit From The Small Side Port On The Side of Diverter Valve
When It Is At Off Position, You Can Use The Kitchen Faucet Water
When it is at On Position, It Diverts Water To Your Water Purification System.


Color: Daylight 6500K  & Coolwhite 4000K


Special Features:-

  • Quality and Durable Material
  • Power Brand Awards
  • SIRIM Certification Malaysia
  • Super Brand Awards

3inch 4inch 5inch Swivel Black Rubber Wheel Caster For Trolley Wheel Or Hand Truck Wheel

Each Caster Come With Mounting Bracket.
Each Caster Built In With Duplex Bearing Inside.
Rubber Wheel Roller.
Colour : Black
Material : High Quality Rubber
Have: 3inch, 4inch, 5inch.